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Zero Six Chemicals

Car Interior Cleaner 16 OZ.

Car Interior Cleaner 16 OZ.

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✅ RESTORE AND DEEP CLEAN: Zero Six Car Interior Cleaner was specifically formulated to be the best hydrating product on the market. The premium SiO2 polymers we use in our product perfectly hydrates and coats your surface leaving it protected from the elements as well as nourished and looking new!

✅ ADVANCED UV PROTECTION AND ANTI-STATIC: Car Interior cleaner was formulated with special UV protectants that prevent your plastics and tires from drying out over time. Because our product absorbs into the pores of the rubber and plastics, it provides protection against drying out as it reflects the sun from the surface keeping your vehicle looking brand new. Our product is also anti-static meaning that it repels dust, grime, and dirt while still giving a new matte shine.

✅ WATER BASED AND EASY TO USE: Our product is not like any other interior shines because the formula does not contain alcohols which can dry out and dull your surface over time. Car Interior Cleaner is water based which is safe on all surfaces. This interior multi surface vehicle cleaning supply is simple to use, just spray cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface, then wipe residue away with a second clean microfiber cloth. It is best to use with car vacuum, car detailing kit, car wash mitt, sponges, and mops. Repeat every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your interior looking brand new!

✅ MULTI SURFACE, SAFE TO USE: Car Interior Cleaner can be used like an all-in-one cleaning kit. It will work its magic as a screen cleaner, dashboard cleaner and a car leather cleaner. It will be the perfect solution for removing dirt, dust or grime on any interior parts such as dashboards, door panels, touch screens, steering wheels, seats, handles, shifters, radios/stereos, cup holders, headliners, some upholstery and any other leather-like trim. This detailing supply is like a Swiss Army knife but for car interiors! It will eliminate the odors too!

✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED & MADE IN THE USA: Why choose Zero Six Chemicals? We are all about quality! Our products are made with the latest advancements in chemical science, using the best materials and equipment available and like all our products, it’s backed with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! This helps us make consistently high-grade products that always work amazingly! Every formula we design is proudly mixed and bottled in the USA...

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